Loving the 9 to 5

Many people seem to complain about having to work a full 40 hour work week. Personally, I think it’s awesome. Coming from student teaching where I would have to lesson plan, grade, call/e-mail parents, and attend class after I was done “working” for the day, being done at 5 feels like I have so much free time. Granted, when I am done with my training and start working, I will get off at 5:30 and then drive 30 minutes home, but still. It feels so nice to have the evening off. I took advantage of that today, and have thoroughly enjoyed myself since leaving work.

First, I went to the library. The library downtown here is beautiful and we’re going to be good friends. I checked out six books, and I intend to finish all of them in the 3 weeks I have before they need to be turned in. I got books on interior decorating and design, an anthology of random information published by the New York Times, but I’m particularly interested in the book I’m and English Major-Now What? As you know, I was an English major. What you may not know is that I decided halfway through last year that I am okay if I don’t use my English major for my career. I love reading and writing. I can still love those things, even if I don’t use my B.A. in a direct manner. Anyway, I am interested in the book’s content, and want to see what it has to say. Coincidentally, there are a lot of Reading/English oriented people on my team here. Go figure.

After the library I came home and made a delicious dinner. I sauteed zuccini, red onion, green pepper and garlic with olive oil, then tossed in some pesto and cooked chicken breast. I made some whole wheat spaghetti, and had mangoes & some of a peanut butter and vanilla brownie for dessert. Yummy! After dinner, I had time to check e-mails and respond to messages, and then I took a walk to a nearby park that looks like a forest. I called my mom to catch her up on my life, and then I put on pajamas and reopened the computer. Now it’s not even 9:00 and I’m sitting in my pajamas, but I know I have some excellent hours of reading ahead of me, and I intend to be comfortable while doing it.

This might not be “living the dream” as some people would call it, but for me, it’s exactly where I want to be.