The Big Move

Sorry that I’ve been silent the last few days. I’ve been purchasing furniture, moving in, unpacking, and trying to figure out this new city. This post will have to be short because I have a goal of putting away the remainder of my clothes and books before sleeping tonight, as my training starts in the morning.

Things that I have learned so far:

1. It’s true. There are hipsters and homeless people populating the downtown area. Sometimes I feel like I’m in Santa Cruz. Today I even saw a girl walking down the street with a white fox pelt on, it’s head on hers, and the paws tied around her neck.

2. There are many compassionate people in this town, both with in and without the church. I heard an awesome message on being the good Samaritan today. You’d think that would get old after a while, but it never does. After church, I saw a woman giving a homeless man some money. Good to know the message sticks.

3. People can’t stop talking about the weather here, and with good reason. Cloudy days = cloudy moods, but sunshine makes it all better. This is my biggest worry about this transition; we’ll monitor this more later as the seasons change. Fortunately, this week is forecast to have three sunny days. Woohoo!

4. It is possible to find a roommate who is similar to me.Garden in the backyard, and a bike in the front. Clean, quiet, and with a kitchen full of goodies. Things look goo so far.

5. Southern California is not the only place with traffic. Traffic is a city thing. Portland had it, and the drive up to Seattle (which I’ve done twice in two days) is horrendous. Less than 50 miles, but more than an hour and a half driving. I thought I could escape it, but I could not. The difference? Here, people seem more patient. They don’t honk their horns or flip each other off, but rather wait, knowing they will eventually get where they’re going.

I have so much more to learn. It’s only been 2 days, and this place is an interesting mix of a small town with a big city feel. Check facebook for pictures, complete with a narrative of the car ride up last Friday. More updates to come once life settles into a rhythm.