Eat This, Not That

You may or may not know that I’m kind of into the whole “healthy eating” thing. When I go to a potluck, I’m likely to bring a bowl of fruit or a salad. I absolutely love the fact that we had fruit trees and a garden growing up, and I am excited by the prospects of community gardens, personal gardens, and plenty of farmer’s markets where I’m headed. When I was younger, I referred to my parents as health nuts, and I refused to eat the vegetables that they tried to put in front of me, more as my own personal act of rebellion than anything else. College changed my views on food, and has brought me closer to where I am today. In college, two of the three science classes I was required to take had to deal with food. I took both Nutrition and The Biology and Chemistry of cooking, where I learned about what is good for your body’s needs, and what chemical reactions are going on when one is cooking. In college, my parents were not there for me to rebel against, and I had to make my own decisions about what I was going to put into my body. I also lived with a few varieties of vegetarians over the years, which has somewhat changed my perception of eating habits.

Of course, as many people have noted over the years, I’m rather on the small side. I don’t eat very much, and I avoided gaining even a single pound when I left home for college. For all of my interests in healthful foods, I also love making desserts. I might try to convince myself that I make these still in a healthy manner by making desserts that still have fruit – strawberries & ice cream, peach cobbler, apple crisp cupcakes…you get the idea. I know that doesn’t really justify it, but sometimes my sweet tooth, and perhaps some hormonal influence, override my desire to eat all that is healthy.

When I packed all of my belongings and sorted through my books, it is actually my cookbooks that I saved to take with me. When I went to to Borders going-out-of-business-sale, I picked up a new book related to food. It fascinates me how there are all of these different combinations that produce different taste sensations and eating experiences. I love cooking and eating with friends, especially when there’s something present that tastes excellent. My latest kick is the Eat This, Not That series of books. They offer healthful alternatives to eating out, tips on selecting more nutritious meals at restaurants, and supermarket guides towards more healthful brands. Written by prominent authors in the food & health worlds, I have seen these books referenced many times in health related magazines. Now I own Cook This, Not That, and I’m looking for a time to try some new recipes. Maybe I’ll cook a wider variety of dishes with this move. We’ll see. I’ll arrive at my new home tomorrow, after one long drive.