Daily Post 3

Topic #204:

Close your eyes and try thinking about nothing: what happens?


My senses are heightened. I breathe deeply, concentrating on breathing in and out as I have been taught, because I learned a long time ago that it is nearly impossible for me to “think nothing”. This relaxes me more than I thought it would. There have been too many sounds, voices, and stimulus today. Before I closed my eyes, I thought that meditating would utterly fail because of all of the thoughts that have been swirling in my mind the past few days. I smile and marvel at the fact that I did not completely keep up with those thoughts.The lamp illuminating my work space glowed through my closed eyelids and hit me with its warmth. It brightens my field of vision, even though I am not seeing.

The most heightened sense though, is that of hearing. I was not aware of how many noises there are twisting around me, until I closed my eyes and tried to be still and think nothing. I hear a barking dog running around somewhere behind my apartment. I hear my cats settle into their spots, and I hear the angry yell of an actor that gives life to the buzz of the television downstairs. I hear my roommates’ conversing, and the drying churning laundry around and around. I hear the dull whir of my computer as it thinks, sitting on my lap, waiting for my next move. Perhaps if I close my door, and try again, the world will not scream so loudly. But that will do nothing for the thoughts in my head, even after I close the door, turn the light off, and try to sleep another night.