The Daily Post 1

Part of the purpose of me writing is simply so that I will write. However, inspiration is sometimes lacking, though more often then not I’ve talked myself out of a blog post because I have told myself, “no one would want to read about that.” Thus, I have just as many, if not more, partial posts and drafts as I do actual completed and published blogs. Fortunately, there is a blog of ideas, The Daily Post, that gives ideas for what bloggers could write about. I wonder if I am not the sole source, if I’ll actually talk myself out of posting blogs. We shall see.

And as for the actual posting…
Question: What would you like 200 more of?

Response: Well, that simple question can be so much more. I’d like to think that I am pretty content with all that I have, as I have so much. Lately my thoughts have focused a lot more on what I would like less of. I have donated clothes, shoes, books, and knick knacks to goodwill and to the arms of some of my friends. Surely I do not want any more of these. Nor do I want $200 added to my bank account or gallons of gas, though the latter sounds mighty attractive with all of the driving that I have done in the past few months as I have searched for a job and traveled about the state and country. Were it during the year in one of the past few years, the answer might have been minutes in a week, as I tried to fit taking classes, working, volunteering, and maintaining relationships into each week, along with quiet times for my introverted self. But now that those weeks have passed and I sit here wishing that time would accelerate until I found my next pathway, time is not the object of my desire.

I maintain that relationships are the most important thing in life, and hope that the way I live reflects that belief, though I fear it does not. So my “200 more” should fall somewhere in there…but what about a relationship can be literally counted. Surely I do not want 200 more friends. While that thought is nice, it also doesn’t seem possible that I could have 200 extra friends whom I truly knew and who truly knew me. I guess I will have to say that my 200 more would be 200 more quality conversations this year. The kind of conversations where you forget about how much time has passed since you last talked and you forget to look at the clock and notice how much time has passed since the conversation begun. I want more of the conversations that allow me to see what drives the person I’m talking to. I love hearing about their passions and their pursuits, their goals and their desires. But also, their failures and their disappointments, their questions and their doubts. Because these are the things which define us, and in sharing them, we share ourselves. It is in those conversations that intimacy develops, when the way we look is less important than what we feel, and where there is enough grace to be vulnerable. If I were to have 200 more conversations of this sort this year, I would have more than one a day. To think of what it would mean to be able to intentionally connect with an individual every day about issues beyond the mundane sounds incredible, but for now, I will simply be grateful for the beginning of one conversation between me and the rest of the internet community that is far too large to actually deserve the identifier “community.”